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Beach WZRD Chapter 1 is in the shop!

Do you hate waiting? Maybe just dislike it? Anything slightly more negative than complete ambivalence towards it? Then I have good/ok/slightly-better-than-neutral news for you! The entire first chapter of Beach WZRD is available now in the shop as a PDF (or CBZ) archive. No need to suffer through the slow crawl of updates, now you can read the whole chapter and suffer a different wait until Chapter 2 is made available.

You can read ahead on Patreon as well (I’m scribbling my way through Chapter 3 at the moment), though the PDF package is the most Final_Final_Final.psd version of the comic. Anyway you should tell everyone you know about this, especially anyone with rich uncles. Think about it, for a measly $4 you get to read a comic and also skip the waiting for updates; you’re basically challenging the very concept of Time itself and winning, so I think this is a pretty sweet deal. Time needs to get put in its place every once in a while.

Beach WZRD updates begin!

There will be new pages on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because that is the olden Comics on the Interwebs way, and I am a stickler for arbitrarily chosen tradition. It’s possible you have questions about Life, the Universe, and more specifically This Comic, so I have prepared answers here (about this comic. Life and the universe remain a mystery).

If you hate the excruciating march of time, there will be a PDF/CBR of the full first chapter in the shop Soon®. You can sign up to ze Mailing List on this page so you’ll know exactly when that happens, or you can refresh this page frantically every day and probably break the database, you monster. You can also head over to my Patreon to read up to Chapter 2 and watch as I bumble my way through Chapter 3.

Anyway you should check back here every once in a while and also not refresh frantically please, this website is brand new and already it suffers.

It’s alive (I hope)!

After exactly One Million Years, I have finally updated my websut. It has been tested on many a device and should work on most computors, phones and even the unholy abominations known as tablets. There may be a few bugs here and there on various mobile devices that I’m sure I’ll eventually find and squash ceremoniously (a scented candle for every insect).

If you are here already, you sneaky websut-navigator-you, then welcome to my systems check as I make sure all the thingers are in place and that nothing is going to explode except the things designed to explode (there are at least two).

Beach WZRD will begin updating once I have ascertained that all is well and good (metaphorically speaking. The experience of making this websut has taught me that code is inherently the most evil and forsaken of magicks). If you would like to know exactly when that happens, then sign up for the mailing list (look in that there sidebar, which may in fact be at the bottom of this page if you’re on a phone because now nothing on the web is static. It is all an ever-changing churn of True Chaos).

Anyway, click thingers, look at pictures, yell at the uncaring endless void, these are all things you can do here on this websut.

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Show off your wealth by throwing it at me!
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