Extra Art

Here’s some of the various Beach WZRD drawings that have made their way on the interwebs. Some of these are quite ancient, dating from before Beach WZRD was a Thing® and just a collection of sketches.

Extra Comics

Below are some of the extra comic bits that have been made public. There’s a few more extra comics on Patreon, but they contain spoilers for things that may be (or they are very old prototypes and therefore hideous).

A short comic done for the yearly spokky night:

After coming across some of the jillion versions of the Barbie movie mugshot meme, I felt compelled to imagine how magickal peoples might react to such a predicament:

My magnificently mighty Patreoneros requested that the witch and wzrd show off their artistic skill by drawing each other, and so it came to pass:

An excerpt from one of the early test comics, which is still full of very accurate and true magickal wisdom:

The original comic-like thing featuring the Wizard, and the very first drawing of the Witch. After posting early drawings of the Wizard, it was only a matter of time before someone felt the need to say something silly about what constitutes a wizard, so I headed it off at the pass with this handy guide: