Beach WZRD  is a comedy series about a newly appointed small town Witch encountering the natural disaster known as a “Wizard.”

What is Beach WZRD?

Think slice of life, but with a cantankerous wizard and many magickal mishaps. It is intended for all readers but be warned there may be the occasional eldritch horror (which will probably get shouted at).

It’s a traditional comic, not a webcomic. What this means is that Beach WZRD is written and drawn primarily for book format and optimized for print, intended to be read by chapter rather than in single page updates. I do my best to make it readable on the interwebs, but there may be some strangeness due to my fondness for screentones (ironically screens don’t like those) and the occasional, uh, underwhelming update.

When does it update?

Beach WZRD updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless something goes Horribly Wrong®.

However, if you don’t want to suffer through the inexorable yet sluggish march of Time, you can purchase current completed chapters as PDFs in the shop, or read the pages as I make them on Patreon (Blorrp tier and above).

Is there a physical book?

Not yet, but there will eventually be an actual book you can hold and/or fling at your enemies (so they can read it and become your friends of course). To do this, however, I need to complete Chapter 4 which is still a ways away since it turns out comics take Forever® to make (it is currently in the writing/layout stage). You can sign up for the Mailing List to stay updated on the eventual book status.

Consider telling your rich uncle to join my Patreon, buy things and donate (I’m sure he can do all three, he’s rich) so’s I can keep making this thing (and other comics!) full-time.

Why is it only black and white?

It’s not. You may need to recalibrate your device and/or optical organs.