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What even is a mcnostril

Having worked in the freelance animation mines for around a decade, I yearned for freedom and a return to the thing that started me on the terrible path of Pushing Pens: comics. Mostly because comics involve less drawings than making things move.

Or so I thought, but it turns out comics have words, and those are basically like extra tiny drawings and there’s loads of them. Curse you comics!

I am currently cursing making a comic called Beach WZRD about a witch, a wizard and the beach they are standing on while they shout at each other and something occasionally goes bzart. You may have noticed (or not, I don’t assume things).

What is this place?

It’s my websut. It’s got the things I have put on the internets, all in one place that I can rule with an iron fist claw.

Poke around and gaze upon all the images and sequential story-telling on display. I make comics and pickchers about all sorts of things, but they all have something in common: They are very stupid.

 While you won’t find the truly sketchy messes here (those go on twitters or my Patreon Discord), most of my publicly posted works will end up here so’s I can have a centralized repository of my eye-crimes instead of the usual scattergun of ever-changing Sock Meds (it’s what the cool kids call them. Really into socks, the cool kids).

If you absolutely must look at the socks, here you go, you sock-lover you:

How did you make *insert thing*?

I use Clip Studio Paint for pretty much everything now, mostly just default  G-Pen brushes that I’ve adjusted for sensitivity (I draw very light). Some older color  works are Photoshop from back in the terrible dark times when I still had Adobe things on my computer.

I get asked a lot about the tones and I wrote a big ol’ tutorial on Patreon, but the short version is that I use the Clip Studio Tone Layer mode on various flat grey Fill layers (I tend to stick to 2-3 values max) and then fiddle with the dot frequency and angle until I am pleased (I stay away from the dreaded 45 degrees). A secret tip is to double check your tones by flattening your image because the interpolation CSP does and what gets exported don’t always match.

Comic fonts used are almost all from Blambot, which I can’t recommend enough if you’re making any kind of indie comics.

Do you take commissions?

No, unless the banner up top says I do. The Banner Up Top never lies, if commisssions are open it will be announced up there with like flashing lights or something or on my twitters bio.

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Show off your wealth by throwing it at me!
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