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This is a secret page. You should not know about this, unless you are a cool person who has been told about it. Anyway, cool people look below, uncool people plz leave:


Single Character Commissions – $80 usd

Simple means no Dynamic Jumping Spinkicks®, so more of a mood piece sitting/standing around (possibly even a quiet walk!), no background other than shadows.


I’m fairly versatile but be warned, below is some stuff I’ll consider but might not be the best fit for. You can request these but I cannot guarantee your rabbit cyborg won’t have the wrong number of picatinny rails on their cape:

  • Tacticool modern combat (I like this stuff, but I will also simplify/stylize a lot when it comes to modern firearms/gear).
  • Full mecha (again, I will most likely simplify/stylize).
  • Furry/anthro (look I don’t even know the difference so you’re basically gambling).
  • Animals.
  • Superheroes.

And here are the things I will not draw:

  • Personal/Real-life celebrity likenesses (that includes your dog, beautiful as it may be).
  • NSFW. Kinda spicy & pinup requests are fine. Thematic nudity is probably alright too (ie: your sci-fi caveman has his dong out, cool, but if he’s being *weird* about it then no).
  • Excessive violent gore. Body-horror/spooky characters and “action” violence are fine, but gruesome maimings not so much (ie: a slimy zombie cultist or a bloodied swashbuckler are okay, a disembowelled dead gnome or someone’s spleen hanging out are not).

You can always ask to confirm if something is out of my purview, I don’t judge (only the spindly creature that slithers under the floorboards does that).

Terms of service:

If you don’t read these before inquiries, I will know and I’ll be very disappointed.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason (nothing personnel kid).

Only one commission per person at a time.


Works are made for personal use only and do not constitute a transfer of rights. Any other use (ie: concept art, published material, feeding it to a plagiarism machine AI, etc…) is not permitted without additional arrangements and payment of a separate fee.


 Price is subject to change based on complexity (ie: big feathery wings, super-gribbly warhammer armor).

All payment is upfront through Paypal invoicing.

 Refunds are based on the amount of work done. No refunds on completed commissions.

 Cancellation from my end will result in a full refund.


 There will be one round of feedback at the sketch stage where you may request changes.

 Revisions past the sketch stage are at my discretion. As a rule, minor revisions (such as a slight expression change, small elements like belt buckles, earrings and the like) are fine, but major revisions (a pose change, redoing the whole head, etc..) may be refused or incur an extra charge.


Work is fully digital. Delivery format is .TIF at 600dpi (final size varies but usually prints at around 8’ x 9’), though other file formats are available upon request.

Toned commissions are delivered with lineart and flat grey alternates.


Average timeframe is between two weeks and a month from payment of the invoice; if for any reason your commission might be delayed longer I will let you know as soon as possible.


Lower resolution versions of your commission may be posted on socials and my website for promotional purposes. If you wish to keep your commission completely private please specify it in the request.


You have read the things above and want me to do eye crimes for you? Contact me with the relevant information and the subject line COMMISSION:

yann at

I will review your request and upon acceptance you will receive a Paypal invoice, and I will begin work once it is paid in full.
Requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis (that means no dibs until all the information below is provided).

Note: All communication pertaining to commissions is to be handled at the email address above. Messages through other means will be ignored.

What to provide:

Brief description of your character. Please try to keep it simple (ie: pose, occupation, fashion, expression); you can include some flavor but if you send me a novel I will most likely reject your commission.
Note that while I don’t require detailed physical descriptions, any details you don’t specify such as body type/build or other traits, I will decide based on vibes.

Relevant reference images, but keep it reasonable. Around 5-6 is fine, 10+ is no-no and may incur extra charges or refusal. Keep in mind that if your references are full of ultra-specific details (ie: WH40K style), I will most likely simplify/omit some things.
If you want me to just make something up from scratch that’s fine too (but  you’ll have to trust in my Judgment, and I won’t be accepting references after the fact).

The email address for the Paypal invoice (please include it in the body of your message even if it’s the same as the sender).

Please note that if the header up top says CLOSED, I will not be looking at any requests/questions regarding commissions and your message is likely to be lost forever.

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