yann is an illustrator and animator currently living in montreal. He is also a tarantula-hawk dreaming that it is a man. Or a man dreaming that he is a tarantula-hawk. It's a little unclear, but either way tarantulas are terrified of him/it.

He/it studied film animation at the Mel Hoppeheim School of Cinema, where he/it produced several shorts. His work includes illustration, concept art, stop-motion animation, storyboarding and after-effects compositing for various people who have given him money for it (and on one occasion, a ham sandwich).

He is fluent in french, english and spanish. He can probably also understand if you just wave your hands frantically.

If you have any questions or projects that require his tarantula-hawk skills, he can be contacted through the fancy email link above.

Currently he is working on personal projects, and wondering why the rum is gone.